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Dear all,

Last week it got missed out due to training and a crazy few days!
This week is a bumper show of wonders!
The theme is you guys! You are the wonders!

Yesterday was so good to see that you were the centre of the day! Thank you to Ms Ghizlan for buying the roses and chocolates we wanted to reward you with as an administration and to Ms Ahlam who reminded me to ensure you got them! (My memory…..😱😂)
But it was good to read that some of the parents have told you how wonderful you are!
”  It was wonderful to see the teachers and all those in the school… You are really a great team. I wish you all the best..”

To celebrate with a student, Kotaibah Abdul Muin Daas, who achieved the maximum 800 marks in his Maths SAT was amazing and a testimony to him and his teachers. 

Great to see the respect for the National Anthem 

And despite the horrendous view on the screen (😂) they show respect to the staff speaking too. 

Science Rules!

If music be the food of love then play on!
It’s great to have activities back and operating. Hopefully some instruments will be visible next time.

And PE sessions are up and running too!

Keep up the amazing work.

And today a parent has sent us all a great gift. Abdullah Obaid Saleh’s family are so appreciative of all we do they wanted us to share these chocolates with you all. Please do drop by my office on your way in tomorrow to grab a chocolate and I can say hi and let you know how much I and Ms Ahlam appreciate you all!! (I am in an online meeting all afternoon otherwise I would share them today!)